Northern Whitetail Ranch


8140 W. 350 N.
Angola, IN  46703

Deer Hunting Blind

A Unique Midwest Hunting Experience!

We are glad to welcome you on our website. We provide our dear clients with everything necessary for successful hunting.

Tucked back in the country of Steuben County our high fenced preserve is home to a variety of mature bucks. The terrain of our land consists of timber, open fields of prairie grass and multiple ponds. 

Our elevated Muddy blinds are strategically placed throughout the preserve to ensure the best hunt possible. 

a midwest hunters destination

A unique variety of game deer in a large, controlled enviornment

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Hunting reservations are taken year-round.  Plan ahead – reserve early.


  • Bow/Crossbow 
  • Muzzleloader
  • Shotgun
  • Rifle (anything legal in Indiana) 

Hunting Season

  • Whitetail runs September through December
  • Sika and Ram run September through February
  • Blackbuck runs year-round

helping our clients gain the upper hand

Sika Deer Hunt
“At first, I thought it was going to be a pretty easy hunt. However, after three days of scouting open fields, stalking in close quarters of pine trees and a few close encounters later, I was proven wrong. These deer know the land extremely well and will use that knowledge to evade you effortlessly if you are careless. It was only after crawling through a grass field for 30 minutes to get close enough for a clean shot did, we finally manage to tag a Sika deer. If you are looking for a real hunting experience, then look no further”
Kelsea Deer Hunt
"Most people think hunting in a preserve is easy, but not at Northern Whitetail Ranch. You truly get a real hunting experience. We spent two days in the blind before I got that perfect shot. I was so excited when that whitetail doe popped out around that corner for that perfect shot. My guide Travis helped me get my first deer and it was the best experience. ..... Travis and Brittney are so experienced, they found every speck of blood that lead to my deer. Thank you Northern Whitetail Ranch for the best experience! Also thank you Travis and Brittney for being kind hearted down to earth people."
Kelsea C.
Mike-Luke-Deer Hunt
"Big thanks to Brittney and Travis for making this day happen. Having grown up hunting I have been looking for an opportunity to share the experience with my son. This hunt did not disappoint. Our guide Brittney quickly walked him through picking his deer and lining up for the perfect shot. With a laid-back atmosphere, they treated us like longtime friends, helped get our gear dialed in and handled all the details of the day. I look forward to returning soon."